[Movie] 99% Muhrim: Get Married 5 - 2015

Mae (Nirina Zubir) and Rendy (Nino Fernandez) celebrate their wedding anniversary. Their children (Farras Fatik, Steven Craig, Hadijah Shahab) entrusted to Babe (Jaja Mihardja) and Mrs Mardi (Meriam Bellina). However, their romantic dinner fells apart when they get word that Babe’s car gets an accident.

Mrs Mardi is in serious condition. Mae is shaken. She sees her children pray, and they invite Mae to pray also. In panic, Mae seeks prayer books in the car. Fortunately, Mrs Mardi awakes. Rendy is willing to make a feast on the family’s good luck, but instead Mae becomes brooder. She is embarrassed, because she never pray at all.

Meanwhile, Sophie (Anggika Borlsterli) who married with Jali (Ricky Harun), frustrates because Jali is always following her. She takes time for herself by secretly participating  quick praying course. Jali is surprised. He wants to follow as well.

Mae wants to take religion course again, but ashames. Mrs Mardi says she is awaken because Mae and the kids pray for her. Mae is crying. Since married, Mae has never prayed, forgot to read the Koran. Her life is too comfortable: a lot of money, a great husband, and cute and smart children. Mrs Mardi is surprised to know that Rendy is Islam, but Islam by formality. Mrs Mardi tells Mae, that Rendy has given wonderful worldly life. As a wife, Mae has to give Rendy beautiful afterlife as well.

Mae tries to ask Rendy  to participate in group praying, but it turned out in the group praying of Mr Bambang (Panji Pragiwaksono) Rendy is busy lobbying. Mae even meets with handsome ustad (Fathir Muchtar). Mae uses the children to make Rendy to pray together, but Rendy instead encourages the children to play game.

In quick course Sophie gets a lot of new things and real guidance. How shocked is Jali, when Sophie appears wearing hijab. Rendy’s mom (Ira Wibowo) became hysterical. She worries Sophie becoming follower of The Black Robe (Kemal Palevi). Mae is also surprised. Sophie is bolder to make decisions and selling luxury goods at a garage sale together with Eman (Amink). Mae decides to seek grace for her family, despite having a “cold war” with Rendy.

Finally, Rendy quietly begin to take prayers. In the office, Rendy memorizes the prayers, and goes into employees’ musholla. His men (Dimas Danang and Imam Darto) think the office would go bankrupt, or Rendy wants a divorce.

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[Movie] Surga yang tak di rindukan

Kisah cinta pada pandangan pertama Arini (Laudya Cynthia Bella) dan Pras (Fedi Nuril) begitu indah. Pernikahan yang kemudian terwujud mendatangkan kebahagiaan lain dengan hadirnya Nadia (buah cinta keduanya).
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Saya sudah nonton film ini dan memang beda sama novel. Dari segi cerita, karakter, adegan, tokoh banyak bedanya. Dan kalau biasanya novel lebih detail, justru film yg lebih detail. Gimana harunya ketika istri pertama mengetahui sang suami poligami.. sumpah keren film ini!! ini beneran MD yang buat?? 4 jempol deh! Backsoundnya dramatis! Adegannya oke, pemain keren, soundtrack tragis! Kurang apa coba.. denger2 mau dibuat Surga yang Tak Dirindukan 2?? Saran saya sih udah cukup kisahnya udah bagus kok, banget malah, kuatirnya nanti malah bikin pusing dan gag greget.. sekedar saran sih.. moga sukses terus deh buat MD.. Ditunggu Ayat Ayat Cinta 2!!!
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[Animation] Batman Bad Blood Bluray 2016

Batman: Bad Blood is a 2016 direct-to-video animated superhero film which is part of the DC Universe Animated Original Movies. It serves as a sequel to the 2015 film Batman vs. Robin.

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[Anime] Tokyo Magnitude 8.0

Two children must make their way home following a devastating earthquake in Tokyo.
First episode date: July 9, 2009
Written by: Natsuko Takahashi
Networks: Fuji Television, Noitamina, Fuji Network System

Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 - 01.mkv
Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 - 02.mkv
Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 - 03.mkv
Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 - 04.mkv
Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 - 05.mkv
Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 - 06.mkv
Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 - 07.mkv
Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 - 08.mkv
Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 - 09.mkv
Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 - 10.mkv
Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 - 11.mkv
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[Series] Oh My Venus 2015 Complete

Starring So Ji Sub and Shin Min Ah
In an effort to support her family, Kang Joo Eun (Shin Min Ah) has become a workaholic lawyer without any regard for her personal well being. Overweight, unattractive and depressed at the prime of her life, Joo Eun comes across Kim Young Ho (So Ji Sub), a renowned personal trainer who considers health a deeply personal calling. Can Young Ho and his stubborn perfectionism whip Joo Eun’s body—and heart—back into shape?

Episode 01
Episode 02
Episode 03
Episode 04
Episode 05
Episode 06
Episode 07
Episode 08
Episode 09
Episode 10
Episode 11
Episode 12
Episode 13
Episode 14
Episode 15
Episode 16-END
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[Music] Asteriska (Distance) - 2015

Solois pop wanita Asteriskan meluncurkan album perdananya Distance dibawah bendera Demajors pada tanggal 7 Agustus 2015. Asteriska telah menciptakan banyak karya musik dengan berbagai gaya dan aliran, namun untuk album ini dirinya memilih untuk mempersembahkan karya musiknya yang sederhana, murni, dan lembut untuk telinga para pendengarnya.

Track List :

1. He Stays Up All Night
2. Distance
3. Mr. Blue
4. Story On an Island
5. Farewell to You (Th)
6. Sad November
7. Secret Getaway
8. Que Je T'aime

Genres : Folk, Alternative, Singer/Songwriter
Year : 2015
Album : Distance
Artist : Asteriska
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[Anime] One Punch Man Complete

One-Punch Man is an ongoing Japanese webcomic created by an author using the pseudonym ONE, which began publication in early 2009. The series quickly went viral, surpassing 7.9 million hits in June 2012.

Download One Punch Man Season 1
One Punch Man OVA 01
One Punch Man OVA 02
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[Series] DC's Legends of Tomorrow Season 1

DC's Legends of Tomorrow, or simply Legends of Tomorrow, is an American television series developed by Greg Berlanti, Marc Guggenheim, Andrew Kreisberg and Phil Klemmer, who also executive produce along with Sarah Schechter and Chris Fedak; Klemmer serves as showrunner. The series airs on The CW, having debuted on January 21, 2016, and is a spin-off from Arrow and The Flash.

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[Movie] Black Mass (2015)

In 1970s South Boston, FBI Agent John Connolly persuades Irish mobster James "Whitey" Bulger to collaborate with the FBI and eliminate a common enemy: the Italian mob. The drama tells the story of this unholy alliance, which spiraled out of control, allowing Whitey to evade law enforcement, consolidate power, and become one of the most ruthless and powerful gangsters in Boston history.

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